Friday, September 18, 2009

Sept Cancelled

Well, another show cancelled. This year has not been kind to SOCHA but it really hasn't been kind to very many others either. All shows are down in entries and attendance for mostly economic reasons. From what we're hearing, there have also been a lot of health issues for a lot of folks. Please say a prayer for anyone that you know of that has had problems this year.

The last & Finals show is scheduled for October 17 & 18...entries are due the Wednesday before by 8:00 pm. Hopefully, we will have enough entries to hold our Finals show. If not, the Board has agreed that awards will not be given out this year according to our Bylaws.

In case you didn't notice, we've also added a "Two-Handed" class for those that requested it.

Preliminary plans are in the works for our annual General Meeting so keep an eye open for the date and time. We welcome everyone to come and share your ideas to help encourage additional SOCHA memberships.

Until October...Janna

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