Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Followers? Who might you be?

Hey everyone!

We'd really like to know who is interested in following this blog so sign up as a follower! Don't forget if there are others who might be interested in your standings or the club news, send them the link and have them send us their address and we'll include them in our news updates.


The Myrtle Point show on August 8 & 9 is fast approaching. It's going to be a fun show and we've planned a Potluck BBQ on Saturday after the show. The menu so far includes Kabobs from fresh caught tuna, burgers for those of us who would rather have beef, salads, chips, watermelon, soda and lots of fun! So put on a big smile, comfy attire and prepare to relax and get to know some of your fellow SOCHA members. If you have a tasty dish that you'd like to bring, we'll be happy to enjoy that too. That's the "potluck" part I guess. But if you are just too busy to bring something, don't let that stop you! There will be lots of food and your company is the most important item at this here get together.

This is a new show location so please come try it out! There will be new sand in the huge arena and should be a great place to show in the month of August. Believe me, I've been to a lot of the cutting locations in Oregon in August and am really looking forward to a show where it won't be 105 degrees!

Any questions or suggestions? Just add a comment to the blog or email us at socha@dcwisp.net

Till later...JannaV

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